Fresh Ocean Breeze Jimmy Williams

A fresh new look for Jimmy Williams using one of his many stunning large format images as a wrap around cover.

Lead Photo: JW branding materials group shot by Kyle Peterson. Above Left Photo: Portfolio cover made using UV archival laminated wrap-around beach photo. Above Right Photo: Close-up JW monogram on spine and view of  internal post mechanism.
CREDITS Design Collaboration: JW Productions & Brooke M. Tinney.

Putting a new spin on Victoria Jackson’s Portfolio

A dynamic cover was achieved by blowing up Victoria Jackson’s logo, bleeding it off the edge of the cover, and stamping it in near clear foil. Her complete logo was stamped in gloss brown foil to complete the branding.

Top Photo: cover and spine of portfolio. Bottom Photo: close-up logo stamping.

CREDITS Design Collaboration: Victoria Jackson & Brooke M. Tinney.
2012 © Dweller By The Stream Inc.

Innovations in Binding

Note: words defined in the glossary are in light blue the first time they appear

My niche is  called “Never Been Done Before Bindings”  (well not to my knowledge anyway or at the very least they are innovative twists on old standards). In an effort to create a unique statement I get asked by my clients to execute and design unusual bindings. “Can you do this?” I love this question. After more than 17 years in the business that question is what keeps my creative juices flowing.

Photo Top: Beth Galton’s Food Portfolios. Series of four Epson Inkjet images UV matte laminated which become the binding and creates a continuous wrap around image. Covers are semi-soft not ridged. Interior: Chocolate Iris Bookcloth. CREDITS First & Last Pages: Silk-Screened by Women’s Studio Workshop; Design: TODA; & Rep: Kate Ryan Inc.

Jim Krantz’s Super Floppy Prototype

Above: Super Floppy prototype of Jim Krantz’s Commercial Portfolio. Crinkle patented turquoise leather backed with Japanese fabric and stamped with matte silver foil. Ultimately Jim wanted a more finished look, “less Anthology and More Hermes”, so I made the covers with finished turned-in leather edges but still kept and soft not ridged cover. CREDITS Design Collaboration: Jim Krantz, Amanda Sosa Stone & Brooke M. Tinney; Photo Edit: Amanda Sosa Stone; Computer Templates and Lyout: Brooke M. Tinney; and Rep: Cynthia Held.
Above Right: Final design of portfolio using semi-soft covers with finished turned-in leather and Japanses fabric mounted on bristol for interior. Matte Silver Foil Stamping on cover.

Tao Ruspoli’s Wrap Around Cover Photo Printed on Fabric

Right: Tao’s Commercial Portfolio with wrap around photo cover printed on fabric. Interior: Chocolate Iris Bookcloth;  Interior Pages: Bound in traditional mylar sleeves; CREDITS Design: Claudia Monaco; & Rep:

Paul Costello’s Bound in Mini Books


Beth Taubner of MercuryLab, who did Paul’s photo edit, came to me with an idea, “Can we incorporate smaller books inside the larger portfolio?”  This would expand upon the natural story-telling style of Paul’s work and be fun. How to do it? In little pockets? Bound in? if so how? Paul wanted the covers of the mini books to have the same image as the larger page they were sitting on. I devised a way to bind in little pamphlet sewn books and worked with his assistant to set up the computer files so they would line up.


Sang An’s Paper Covered Portfolios

How to bind a portfolio with a paper cover and make the joints withstand the rigors of repeated opening and closing. This was the challenge.  I will not reveal the technique I devised but suffice it to say the books are still inservice more than 2 years later.  I did eventually make vinyl dust jackets to protect the surface from staining. CREDITS Cover: Silk-Screened by Women’s Studio Workshop; Design: TODA.

Margret Lampert’s White Book

Originally conseived to be made out of layers of different colored mat boards sandwiched togther. I made mini proto-types for the design team at TODA. After seeing theses they simplified their idea in to an all white book made out lof layers ot mat board to mak 1/4″ thick covers which were surfaced with a piece of super shiny Chrome Coat paper. We tried silk-screening on the cover but the ink could be scratched off. Ann at Womans’ Studio workshop who tested the silk screening came up witht the brilliant idea to use vinyl lettering and it was stunning. The binding is White Iris Bookcloth. CREDITS Vinyl Lettering: Designer Signs; & Design: TODA.
2010 © Dweller By The Stream Inc.

Jim Krantz wins Lucie Award 2010 International Photographer of the Year!

Congratulations Jim! Perfect timing as award coincides with the launch of his HOT! new branding and portfolio design. Patented and crinckled turquoise leather are applied to a soft cover to empahsize the fluidity of Jim’s work.
Crinkle patented turquoise leather backed with interior of Japanese fabric and matte silver foil stamping. CREDITS Design Collaboration: Jim Krantz, Amanda Sosa Stone & Brooke M. Tinney; Photo Edit: Amanda Sosa Stone; Computer Templates and Lyout: Brooke M. Tinney; and Rep: Cynthia Held.
2010 © Dweller By The Stream Inc.

Metallic Makeover: Christopher Micaud’s Fashion & Beauty Portfolios and Custom Presentation Box

Note: words defined in the glossary are in light blue the first time they appear

Christopher Micaud’s Beauty book is bound in Gunmetal Metallic Leather with Chinese Silk interior. His Fashion book is Mettalic Champaign Leather with the same Chinises Silk interior. Rep information is presented on the inside front cover in and intricate double-recessed beveled well with inset label.

Christopher’s assistant, Joseph Belinfante, inspired me to create a Fall-Back Box with Ridges rather than the traditional second set of flaps. This innovation makes the footprint of the box smaller and gives it a more sleek and sophisticated look. The box is used for custom presentations and to show new work that has not yet been incorporati=edinto the main portfolio. The box is bound in Japanese Shantung bookcloth with Chinese silk interior.

Christopher had a horizontal bag with interior dividers designed to hold the 2 Portfolios and Box with the spines facing up so their spines could be read.

CREDITS Design: Beth Taubner ; Rep: Kate Ryan Inc.; Photo Edit: Beth Taubner; Portfolio Exterior: Champaign or Gun Metal Metallic Leather; Box Exterior Shantung Grey Asahi Bookcloth; Interior Decorative: Chinese Silk; Paper for Interior Leaves: Semi Gloss Double-Sided. Foil Stamping Metallic Crown Leaf.

To view more of Christopher Micaud’s photographs:

2009 © Dweller By The Stream Inc.

Flexible Presentation Devices

Doug Menuez’s Magnetic Closure Fall-Back Box


Glenn Taylor’s Two-Toned
Fall-Back Box

Christopher Micaud’s Custom Presentation Box

Christopher wanted a box to house custom presentations and/or new bodies of work not represented in his main portfolios. He had a slip-case-like bag with internal dividers built to hold his two portfolios, Fashion & Beauty, and this slim Fall-Back Box with Ridges. ( See blog post “Metallic Makeover” TK, for pictures of his gun metal and champaign colored metallic leather portfolios with Chinese silk interiors). In an effort to keep the box thin and add maximum capacity to the depth we dispensed with the usual left and right hand flaps of a traditional Fall-Back Box. I must confess his assistant Joseph, came up with the concept of the ridges and I figured out how to do them elegantly and with enough strength that they would not get crushed. Thank you Joseph!

Top Photo: front of box with foil stamping and in foreground open box with pocket. Center Photo: front, flat and partially open boxes. Bottom Photo: close-up of open box with leave behind promo in pocket and place holder thumbnail page (Note: “real” presentation pages were still being designed at the time these photographs were taken).


Bruce Peterson’s Coins Fall-Back Box with Ridges

Merge Left Reps Fun Flexi Fall-Back Folder

Merge Left Reps needed a flexible presentation device to include with their clients’ portfolios. It needed to hold a variety of materials from odd sized tear sheets to custom presentations. I designed the flaps to be flexible. They can squish when there is not much to hold and expand when there is more content.

Merge Left Reps wanted the Fall-Back Folder to reflect their fun aesthetic and be a departure from their clients’ more conservative portfolios. Hence the Orange Pin Seal Textured Vinyl exterior and Crocodile Textured Black paper interior. Their logo was stamped in Metallic Black Foil on the cover. The inside paper was applied using an ancient binding technique called Deblur. The edges of the Black Crocodile Paper were turned under and around a piece of bristol and glued. The face of the black paper was not glued so the 3-D texture was not lost. Something I learned from all those old bibles I used to restore that had silk fabric on Inside Front and Back Covers (IFC & IBC) that could not be glued. Cool Huh!

CREDITS Design: collaboration Dweller & Merge Left Reps.

Traditional 4-Flap Fall-Back Box

Traditional Clam Shell Box

Chris Craymer’s Half-Clam Shell Box with Velcro Closure

2012 © Dweller By The Stream Inc.

Journey Box for Killian Mansfield & Meaningful Gift Giving for All Seasons and Reasons

Killian Mansfield 7/9/1993 – 8/20/2009


I had the honor of making a Journey Box for Killian’s Memorial Celebration. The family gave me a collection of Killian’s collages and decorative papers that I used to cover the box. It was a moving experience working with this talented young man’s artwork. Like the Egyptians the box was filled with cherished possessions for his journey. For more details on this and other boxes see my Blog Page: Journey/Burial/Memento Boxes.

7724_144062633424_78217353424_2437735_481581_nKillian loved the story of the 1,000 cranes. Prior to his departure word was sent out for cranes to be made for his celebration. 12, 000 cranes arrived from all over the world. To read the originsl story go to: Sasaki.

Meaningful Gifts for all Seasons & Reasons

If you are looking for a gift to give to clients, friends or family consider some of the purchases below which benefit The Killian Mansfield Foundation.


Killian Mansfield was a 16-year-old ukulele wiz from West Shokan, NY who passed away on August 20, 2009 from an advanced and rare form of cancer. Days before his passing he released his dream project “Somewhere Else.” Recorded In a window of time between a long hospitalization last winter and entering hospice care this spring, “Somewhere Else” is an eclectic and uplifting labor of love. The album includes original songs and eclectic covers performed by Killian on ‘uke’ with critically acclaimed singers and musicians including Dr. John, Kate Pierson, John Sebastian, Todd Rundgren and Levon Helm. “Somewhere Else” is a benefit recording for the Killian Mansfield Foundation, which supports integrative therapies like acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology and nutritional advice for children with cancer.”  Killian started violin lessons at age 3. By age 9, Killian had established himself as an outstanding advocate and dedicated musician. Killian was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma at age 11. Throughout his medical journey, Killian refused to be defined as “a kid with cancer,” wishing instead to be known for his artistic achievements.

To purchase the CD including the beautiful booklet designed by Phil, Killian’s father, please go to

KMF_Logo_color-copyThe Killian Mansfield Foundation is a not for profit entity created to support and promote the use of integrative therapies for children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. These innovative therapies reduce debilitating symptoms (such as nausea, stress and fatigue), which exhaust patients and their families. By expanding the treatment options available to medical practitioners and caregivers, patients and their families can focus on comfort and recovery. The current beneficiary of the Killian Mansfield Foundation is the Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund, which sustains an excellent Integrative Therapies Program. For more information, or to make a donation go to the Killian Mansfield Foundation:


Lucky Chocolates Handmade, luxurious, small batch chocolates made from organic and fair trade chocolate

A limited quantity of GRUMPY FISH (illustration created by Killian) Gift Boxed Chocolates remain. 50% of  proceeds go to the Killian Mansfield Foundation. I can attest that Lucky Chocolates’ creations are some of the best chocolate I have had, not too sweet, just right.

fair_trade_logoFair trade chocolate is made from cocoa beans bought directly from growers co-ops. The money goes directly to the farmers, by-passing the corporate middle-men, allowing farmers to be paid a living wage and avoiding slave and child labor.

For more information about their corporate gifts and specialty items see