Orange Groves & Sunshine: Christophe Jouany’s Fashion Portfolio


Christophe Jouany’s portfolio was inspired by  his orange groves and the Florida sun. A Post-Style Album with orange leather  covers embossed with gold holographic foil, that reflects the rainbow, and yellow interior of handmade Nepalese gold brushstroke paper. Initially concerned about working long distance, he later commented on how easy the process was (see Getting Started in the page list to the right). After an initial conversation to ascertain his needs, he left me with the directive, “I like the Hermes Orange.” My Leather supplier sent a handful of orange swatches. I chose a variety of complimentary interior papers and sent these samples to Christophe.


In the interim he sent me sample interior pages to test and I gave him directions on how to set up his files (see How To Set Up Computer Files in the page list to the right). It must be said he is a decisive man and soon I was making the prototype. In the meantime he printed the first set of interior pages that I scored, French-folded, trimmed and punched. With these in hand I was able to determine the length of the posts, whether we needed spacers and the depth of the removable spine piece. We ultimately added a Title Page, Rep ID Page, and Promo Pocket on inside back cover (IBC). Note: a personal innovation- the posts are recessed into the post flap creating an elegant subtle detail.


Later a complimentary Beauty Portfolio was made using the same leather but in Peacock Blue.

CREDITS Design: collaboration Dweller & Jouany; Rep: Sarah Laird Inc.


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