Retro Library Look: Patricia McDonough’s Portrait Portfolio


Note: words defined in the glossary are in light blue the first time they appear

Patricia McDonough developed a love of book design and utilitarian buckram when she worked as a librarian. She wanted her portfolio to resemble the hard cover case bound style covers that libraries have made when they are rebinding books. TODA  synthesized her desires and deigned an overall pattern made out of cut up Bodoni letters which was silk screened on buckram fabric in dark grey.


Retro features included rounded corners on the cover and jade decorative paper used on the Inside Front Cover and Inside Back/Pocket Cover (IFC/IBC/Pocket).


To make the portfolio more book like in appearance we chose an Internal Screw-Post Mechanism style binding.


CREDITS  Design: TODA;  Rep: Pink Staff; Fabric: Ash Grey Roxite Buckram; Interior Decorative Paper: Jade Permalin; Paper for Interior Leaves: Moab Lasal Matte; Silk Screening: Woman’s Studio Workshop.

To view more of Patricia McDonough’s photographs:

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