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Flexible Presentation Devices

Doug Menuez’s Magnetic Closure Fall-Back Box


Glenn Taylor’s Two-Toned
Fall-Back Box

Christopher Micaud’s Custom Presentation Box

Christopher wanted a box to house custom presentations and/or new bodies of work not represented in his main portfolios. He had a slip-case-like bag with internal dividers built to hold his two portfolios, Fashion & Beauty, and this slim Fall-Back Box with Ridges. ( See blog post “Metallic Makeover” TK, for pictures of his gun metal and champaign colored metallic leather portfolios with Chinese silk interiors). In an effort to keep the box thin and add maximum capacity to the depth we dispensed with the usual left and right hand flaps of a traditional Fall-Back Box. I must confess his assistant Joseph, came up with the concept of the ridges and I figured out how to do them elegantly and with enough strength that they would not get crushed. Thank you Joseph!

Top Photo: front of box with foil stamping and in foreground open box with pocket. Center Photo: front, flat and partially open boxes. Bottom Photo: close-up of open box with leave behind promo in pocket and place holder thumbnail page (Note: “real” presentation pages were still being designed at the time these photographs were taken).


Bruce Peterson’s Coins Fall-Back Box with Ridges

Merge Left Reps Fun Flexi Fall-Back Folder

Merge Left Reps needed a flexible presentation device to include with their clients’ portfolios. It needed to hold a variety of materials from odd sized tear sheets to custom presentations. I designed the flaps to be flexible. They can squish when there is not much to hold and expand when there is more content.

Merge Left Reps wanted the Fall-Back Folder to reflect their fun aesthetic and be a departure from their clients’ more conservative portfolios. Hence the Orange Pin Seal Textured Vinyl exterior and Crocodile Textured Black paper interior. Their logo was stamped in Metallic Black Foil on the cover. The inside paper was applied using an ancient binding technique called Deblur. The edges of the Black Crocodile Paper were turned under and around a piece of bristol and glued. The face of the black paper was not glued so the 3-D texture was not lost. Something I learned from all those old bibles I used to restore that had silk fabric on Inside Front and Back Covers (IFC & IBC) that could not be glued. Cool Huh!

CREDITS Design: collaboration Dweller & Merge Left Reps.

Traditional 4-Flap Fall-Back Box

Traditional Clam Shell Box

Chris Craymer’s Half-Clam Shell Box with Velcro Closure

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