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Fresh Ocean Breeze Jimmy Williams

A fresh new look for Jimmy Williams using one of his many stunning large format images as a wrap around cover.

Lead Photo: JW branding materials group shot by Kyle Peterson. Above Left Photo: Portfolio cover made using UV archival laminated wrap-around beach photo. Above Right Photo: Close-up JW monogram on spine and view of  internal post mechanism.
CREDITS Design Collaboration: JW Productions & Brooke M. Tinney.

Putting a new spin on Victoria Jackson’s Portfolio

A dynamic cover was achieved by blowing up Victoria Jackson’s logo, bleeding it off the edge of the cover, and stamping it in near clear foil. Her complete logo was stamped in gloss brown foil to complete the branding.

Top Photo: cover and spine of portfolio. Bottom Photo: close-up logo stamping.

CREDITS Design Collaboration: Victoria Jackson & Brooke M. Tinney.
2012 © Dweller By The Stream Inc.

Jim Krantz wins Lucie Award 2010 International Photographer of the Year!

Congratulations Jim! Perfect timing as award coincides with the launch of his HOT! new branding and portfolio design. Patented and crinckled turquoise leather are applied to a soft cover to empahsize the fluidity of Jim’s work.
Crinkle patented turquoise leather backed with interior of Japanese fabric and matte silver foil stamping. CREDITS Design Collaboration: Jim Krantz, Amanda Sosa Stone & Brooke M. Tinney; Photo Edit: Amanda Sosa Stone; Computer Templates and Lyout: Brooke M. Tinney; and Rep: Cynthia Held.
2010 © Dweller By The Stream Inc.

Metallic Makeover: Christopher Micaud’s Fashion & Beauty Portfolios and Custom Presentation Box

Note: words defined in the glossary are in light blue the first time they appear

Christopher Micaud’s Beauty book is bound in Gunmetal Metallic Leather with Chinese Silk interior. His Fashion book is Mettalic Champaign Leather with the same Chinises Silk interior. Rep information is presented on the inside front cover in and intricate double-recessed beveled well with inset label.

Christopher’s assistant, Joseph Belinfante, inspired me to create a Fall-Back Box with Ridges rather than the traditional second set of flaps. This innovation makes the footprint of the box smaller and gives it a more sleek and sophisticated look. The box is used for custom presentations and to show new work that has not yet been incorporati=edinto the main portfolio. The box is bound in Japanese Shantung bookcloth with Chinese silk interior.

Christopher had a horizontal bag with interior dividers designed to hold the 2 Portfolios and Box with the spines facing up so their spines could be read.

CREDITS Design: Beth Taubner ; Rep: Kate Ryan Inc.; Photo Edit: Beth Taubner; Portfolio Exterior: Champaign or Gun Metal Metallic Leather; Box Exterior Shantung Grey Asahi Bookcloth; Interior Decorative: Chinese Silk; Paper for Interior Leaves: Semi Gloss Double-Sided. Foil Stamping Metallic Crown Leaf.

To view more of Christopher Micaud’s photographs:

2009 © Dweller By The Stream Inc.

Retro Library Look: Patricia McDonough’s Portrait Portfolio


Note: words defined in the glossary are in light blue the first time they appear

Patricia McDonough developed a love of book design and utilitarian buckram when she worked as a librarian. She wanted her portfolio to resemble the hard cover case bound style covers that libraries have made when they are rebinding books. TODA  synthesized her desires and deigned an overall pattern made out of cut up Bodoni letters which was silk screened on buckram fabric in dark grey.


Retro features included rounded corners on the cover and jade decorative paper used on the Inside Front Cover and Inside Back/Pocket Cover (IFC/IBC/Pocket).


To make the portfolio more book like in appearance we chose an Internal Screw-Post Mechanism style binding.


CREDITS  Design: TODA;  Rep: Pink Staff; Fabric: Ash Grey Roxite Buckram; Interior Decorative Paper: Jade Permalin; Paper for Interior Leaves: Moab Lasal Matte; Silk Screening: Woman’s Studio Workshop.

To view more of Patricia McDonough’s photographs:

© Dweller By The Stream Inc.

Putting The Wrap On Scott Frances


Note: words defined in the glossary are in light blue the first time they appear

FrancesPhotoCover&Spine72_500IMG_0903The original Design concept was to have the entire cover of the portfolio be an uninterrupted photo (see photo at left). Cool idea. I devised techniques to make the paper photos survive repeated use. It looked great but was rejected  because the image was permanent and would not allow for updates. Hence the idea of the removable dust jacket (top & below left photos show three of the five images used as dust jackets).

FrancesDustMuseum72_500IMG_1459The dust jackets are giant wrap around images which I had dry mounted with an archival UV protecting matte laminate for durability. I tailored the dust jacket to wrap around the cover snugly so it does not fall off when the portfolio is opened and being viewed. The chocolate brown fabric portfolio has an Internal Screw-Post Mechanism  with sky blue paper IFC/IBC & Pocket. Scott Frances’s logotype was foil stamped on the front cover and spine in matching blue foil.


Please visit Scott’s new website to view his exquisite architectural and interior photographs:

CREDITS  Fabric: Chocolate Iris; Interior Decorative Paper: Sky Blue Permalin; Paper for Interior Leaves: Legion’s Moab Enhanced Matte;  Stamping: Crown Matte Blue Foil. 

© Dweller By The Stream Inc.

Silk Screen Spontaneity: Paul Costello’s Lifestyle Portfolio


Note: words defined in the glossary are in light blue the first time they appear

A late night brain storming session with his wife, a creative director, and a bottle of wine to get into the groove, resulted in the spontaneous hand-painted typography on the cover. The original image was painted in black, but was later reversed when the screen was made. Paul Costello has a magazine background, Vanity Fair to be precise, and is a hands on guy. He silk-screen the covers himself. I provided partially assembled white fabric covers and a jig to hold the covers in place while screening. Paul also covered extra white fabric with the black ink for me to use to complete construction of the covers & spine. The Inside Front and Back/Pocket Covers (IFC/IBC/Pocket) where made with the plain white fabric.


Unable to solve paper stiffness and cracking issues due to improper grain direction, Paul changed papers and we devised an new way to score & fold his interior French-Folded Leaves. Although the grain direction was still not running  head to tail, the new paper was softer and cracked less. I double-scored at the binding edge, the French-Fold was scored not with a bone folder as I usually do, but kiss cut with a scalpel to  create a crisp break at the foredge . The left hand page was trimmed back to the second score and the double stick taped shut. This allowed the leave to be bound on just one hinge increasing flexibility. Double-Page Spreads were left untrimmed. I must give Paul most of the credit for this innovation. Thanks Paul! Other clients with paper and printer constraints have benefited from this modification.

Mini Books


Beth Taubner of MercuryLab, who did Paul’s photo edit, came to me with an idea, “Can we incorporate smaller books inside the larger portfolio?”  This would expand upon the natural story-telling style of Paul’s work and be fun. How to do it? In little pockets? Bound in, if so how? Paul wanted the covers of the mini books to have the same image as the larger page they were sitting on. I devised a way to bind in little pamphlet sewn books and worked with his assistant to set up the computer files so they would line up.


In the works are smaller chunky companion books, asparagus with black type.

CREDITS  Design: Paul Costello; Mini Book Design: Dweller By The Stream; Photo Edit: Mercurylab; Rep: Sarah Laird Inc .; Fabric: Text Libris Asparagus; Paper for Interior Leaves: Legion

© Dweller By The Stream Inc.