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Chronicling with Alice Garik

Brooke Forrest Reide July 23 2009 copy

Brooke Reide with goats copy 1


Alice Garik still shoots real film and hand prints on real paper. She doesn’t own a digital camera. I asked her to take some quick snapshots with mine the other day and reticently she acquiesced. This sent her rushing back to Brooklyn
to make these stunning Palla-
diums. Thank the goddess she cut me off at the pass before my impatience drove me to use those instant images. There’s a lesson here to be heeded.

I am honored to have Alice documenting my life for over 15 years. This collection of photographs combines Alice’s passion for photographing animals and capturing intimate moments.

Top Triptych: July 23, 2009, Brooke & Kids. Above: July 23, 2009, Brooke & Kids. Below Diptych: May 2008, Pinto Pregnant; Newborn in Wrap.

Reide & goat copy

albums-sewn 2 copyAlice was one of my first wedding photographer clients, in the early 1990’s, back in my Park Slope Brooklyn days. When I moved upstate in 1999, I brought about 15 wedding photographers with me as clients. Alice is the last one remaining from that original group. The others fell off one by one,  as newly weds began wanting to see photos on their blackberries while honeymooning and buying canned albums on line. There’s that impatience thing rearing its ugly head again. Look at what they are missing. Fortunately, Alice’s clients know how to savour the moment and respect the time and care that go in to the crafting of their images and albums.

a clam shell box with palladiums copy 2Alice’s ultimate talent lies in chronicling life. Her wedding work is often just the first event she captures as a couple embarks on their journey together. She is a Scorpio, like me, and can handle the dichotomies of life, birth and death, all in the same breath or click of the shutter. 

Forrest copyAbove Right: Flat-Back Sewn Parent Album. Above Left: Clamshell Box with Matted Prints. Left: Alice won an honorable mention in the French 2008 Px3 with this Spring 2007 picture
“The Goat Boy”.








To see more of her work visit Alice’s website, designed by yours truly, and  her blog:
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