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FrenchFolded Interior Leaves for Post-Style Portfolio with a 3/4″ Binding Mechanism


If Interior Leaves (sheet of paper, which when folded results in 2 pages, front and back) of the portfolio are French-Folded, bound in a standard Post with a 3/4″ binding mechanism, using a 1/8″ score at binding edge, adhere to the following specifications:

1. Documents with standard crop marks, positioned 1/8″ beyond the trim area, are highly preferable, although I can work without them given planning and forewarning.

2. Ignore binding dimension of 3/4″ and work only with the Score Marks, which are placed 7/8″ (sometimes 1″) from the Trim Crop Marks. Live area for images extends from Center to Score Mark.

3. For Centered Floating Images they are centered within the live area between the Center Crop Mark and the Score Crop Mark.

4. For Single Bleed Images standard 1/8″ bleed is preferred head and tail (top & bottom), although I can usually work with as little as 1/16″ if necessary. The image must butt perfectly to the center and extend at least 1/4″ beyond the Score Mark into the gutter.

5. For Images Which Bleed Across the Spread they must butt at the Score Mark!, with minimum 1/4″ bleed extending into the gutter. There is a bit of computer wizardry required to get this set up correctly, but once you figure it out it works beautifully.


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